Who and what is TAKAYUKI RYOU?

TAKAYUKI RYOU is an upcoming vocal database (or “voicebank”) for use within the DeepVocal Editor. They have a young masculine voice with powerful high notes and breathy low notes, and sing in fluent Japanese. The character made to represent TAKAYUKI RYOU is a long-lost humanoid robot with unknown origin and purpose. Their color scheme consists mostly of light blues and purples with darker blue and purple accents. RYOU loves to sing, and is ready to sing your songs.

*Seeing as TAKAYUKI RYOU is a robot, they have no assigned gender, so use they/them pronouns when referring to RYOU.

What is the TAKAYUKI RYOU “voicebank” like?

TAKAYUKI RYOU’s vocal database contains four pitches, B2, E3, A3 and D4, with D4 being an optional falsetto pitch. This optional falsetto pitch can be activated in the Timbre parameter in the DeepVocal Editor, and can provide more dynamic singing in the higher notes.

In addition to this, TAKAYUKI RYOU’s voicebank includes extra samples for better singing in other languages, namely English. These samples are comprised of two English [R] sounds, and a [Th] sound, which are encoded with [4a] [p@] and [the][tha] respectively.

*More detailed information on how to use these phonemes (as well as the falsetto pitch) will be included in the Usage Guide.

Takayuki Ryou’s Japanese voicebank is scheduled for release in 2021. More information to come soon.