Takayuki Ryou (隆行遼) is humanoid robot of unknown function and origin. They fly through space, alone, traveling from one planet to another. While their intention is unknown, they have been known to sing. Ryou’s voice seems to calm those around it, as well as themself.

Who and what is TAKAYUKI RYOU?

TAKAYUKI RYOU is an upcoming vocal database (or “voicebank”) for use within OpenUTAU (this voicebank will work in the standard UTAU or UTAU-Synth editors, but was developed specifically with OpenUTAU in mind). This is a young masculine Japanese voice with a wide vocal range and a dynamic vocal tone. The character made to represent TAKAYUKI RYOU is a long-lost humanoid robot with unknown origin and purpose. Their color scheme consists mostly of light blues and purples with darker blue and purple accents. RYOU loves to sing, and is ready to sing your songs!

What is the TAKAYUKI RYOU “voicebank” like?

TAKAYUKI RYOU’s vocal database contains four pitches, B2, E3, A3 and D4, with D4 being an optional falsetto pitch. This optional falsetto pitch can be activated using the Voice Colors function in OpenUTAU, or by adding an [F] to the end of any phoneme. It can provide a more dynamic vocal tone in the higher notes.

TAKAYUKI RYOU’s voicebank also includes extra samples for better singing in English. These samples are comprised of two English [R] sounds, and a [Th] sound, and the phonemes for these samples will be listed in the included Usage Guide.

So RYOU can sing. Can they dance?

Yes, as a matter of fact they can! Thanks to Emuji Atara, TAKAYUKI RYOU has a 3D model that is designed to work in MikuMikuDance (MMD), a 3D animation program.

TAKAYUKI RYOU’s Japanese voicebank is in development and will be released at some point. More information to come soon.
隆行遼日本語音声ライブラリーは開発中で、いずれリリースされる予定です。 詳細については近日公開予定です。